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Manufacturing solutions

Our expertise

Using over a century of experience in the manufacture of Herbal Medicine, the Herbal Extract Company of Australia is dedicated to producing premium quality liquid herbal extracts. We commercially produce hydro-ethanolic extracts, including but not limited to, the wide range of plants presented in this brochure.

Our innovation

In keeping with our traditional philosophy of minimal processing of the original plant material, we have developed a comprehensive system of production and in process monitoring, based on cold percolation extraction. This ensures that the original balance of phytochemicals held within the raw plant material is preserved.

Our services

  • Bulk manufacture and supply of extracts from single herbs to more complex formulations
  • Custom manufacture of herbal extracts tailored to meet your specification requirements
  • New product development
  • Formulation development and improvement

Our manufacturing and quality testing is done in compliance with the regulations set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and compliant to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ensuring quality, safety and efficacy.

Our markets

  • Complementary Health – oral dose solutions and syrups
  • Food and Beverage – flavour or functional beverages
  • Personal Care – emotives or actives in topical applications

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